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> Current Students > Registrar > ExamSoft ExamSoft Valparaiso University Law School offers students the opportunity to use their laptops to complete their essay exams.

We make the bar exam process as easy and accurate as possible by providing auto-fill applicant numbers as well as separating all essay responses for easy printing or online scoring. Auditing ExamSoft’s auditing features make running the behind-the-scenes logistics a breeze.

Students may sign up with ExamSoft, install the software and register Examplify between now and April 25, To register for spring Sign up through the ExamSoft website.

Tommy Sangchompuphen, JD, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Success, University of Dayton, School of Law, discusses how he encourages students to use ExamSoft to create a. This guide will show you how to start Microsoft Word to view notes during a live Examsoft testUPDATE: THIS NO LONGER WORKS WITH THE CURRENT VERSION OF EXAMSOFT.

I WILL UPDATE AFTER FALL FINALS. UPDATE 2: Yeah, I'm really not going to update this. I reiterate again, THIS METHOD DOES NOT WORK. Examsoft has addressed this issue.

ExamSoft Guidelines & Instructions

ExamSoft has publically acknowledged last week that the programs failed to work properly, resulting in lost student essays, delays, and large amounts of stress – all this despite the company’s promise to make exam days as relaxing as possible.

Current essays for examsoft
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